Japan, round trip

Pubblicato : 2019-05-02
Categorie : WGM

We found a beautiful SM 102-4P from 2005, with only 145 million of impressions at Heidelberg headquarters in Japan. As usual, the machine has been brought to Italy to be cleaned and checked by our technicians. However, it was destined to continue its activity in the Land of the Rising Sun: shortly afterwards, in fact, a Japanese customer asked for a quotation and was convinced by the excellent conditions and the scarce wear, he finally bought it, thus returning it to the country of origin.

Japan is a country with a profound culture and attention to the quality of products and it is therefore important that it is perceived immediately, starting from the cover of the books and every printed page. We are therefore gratified in being able to serve this type of customer who entrusts research for the purchase of a new machine only to companies that know how to understand and appreciate their need to obtain quality prints and detail in the images.

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