Standing high-performance machines to the printing and packaging industry



GIETZ is a Swiss company founded in 1892. The company with more than 65 employees is still in family management, today in the 5th generation. With over 70 years of experience in research, development, and production for hot foil stamping as well as conical tray forming machines, and thanks to their traditional values of reliability, quality, and sustainability, combined with consistently innovative design engineering, they have gained a pre-eminent reputation at their customers.


The Foil Commander represents the state of the art in hot foil stamping in all its forms, as well as embossing, debossing and hologram application. The most flexible and high-performance hot foil stamping machine is constantly being developed to increase its efficiency. It can be customised and adapted with various options. When it comes to productivity, quality and reliability, the FSA 1060 Foil Commander is the right choice.


The FSA 870 Compact is the most flexible and efficient half-sheet press for hot foil stamping, embossing, engraving and hologram application, as well as die-cutting. High quality, durability and reliability underline its features. The FSA 870 Compact has been progressively developed over time and can be customised to meet all your needs.

HTF 940 / 1400

HTF machines are used to produce conical trays used in the fast-food, take-away, convenience and agriculture sectors. The market increasingly demands environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable packaging solutions, so the range of applications for conical cardboard trays is becoming wider and wider.

ROFO 910 / 1020 PLUS

The ROFO 910 PLUS and the ROFO 1020 PLUS are high-performance hot foil stamping machines for wide webs. They are used for finishing substrates in the food (chocolate, confectionery) and non-food (tobacco, shopping bags) industries, as well as for print finishing of pre-printed substrates in the packaging and decoration industry (gift wrapping, wallpaper). They are also ideal for the security and brand protection industry through the possibility of hologram application.