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  • RMGT

    RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT) was launched in January 2014 through the merger of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.

  • Mohr


    Mohr Cutters are tailored to the specific demands in digital printing

    Mohr Cutters are durable, programmable cutting machines with hydraulic drive. Quick-print shops, copy shops, commercial print shops, in-house printers value not only the uncomplicated operation, but also the long service life of the cutting machine. The unique cutting precision is obtained by the sturdy construction and the direct measurement.

    The precise and gentle bevel swing cut is carried out hydraulically on all of our models. This allows adjusting the dwell time of the knife in the BDC to the respective material. The corrosion free table surface provides very easy gliding which makes the material easy to handle. On Mohr Cutter 80, this effect is even supported by air jets.

    The clamping pressure can be continuously adjusted within a large range by means of a turning knob with scale to suit
    any material to be cut. A variable pre-clamping time control optimizes cutting quality when dealing with different materials. Luminous LEDs indicate the cutting line to the operator.

  • Pile Turners
    Toppy Advance is an electrically powered, self-propelled and totally new conceived pile turner designed to turn and move
    pallets of paper or cardboard up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg. Toppy Advance is provided with a push button panel for the control of any single operation. The forks of Toppy Advance are mounted on linear rails. This kind of equipment is useful whenever a pallet of paper or cardboard is to be removed from the printing machine and turned for the second side printing. The turning operation takes place in few seconds and doesn’t involve any danger or inconvenience: the rotation system has been in fact conceived in order to avoid big pressure on the newly printed sheets. Finally, the pile of paper can be brought at the entrance of the printing machine for a new printing cycle. Toppy Advance can turn from a minimum of 50x70 cm to a maximum of 76x106 cm paper size.


  • Collators
    The DBM-600 sewing machine and the DBM-600 / T trimmer are the heart of the Duplo high productivity systems. The stitching uses wire spools, and can be mounted from 2 to 4 heads, even Omega.

    Automatic and intuitive, System 600i best expresses the Duplo ideal of Automated Precision. This revolutionary sewing machine combines robust construction with intelligent operation and special formats such as A4 landscape. The new System 600i combines the fast DSC-10 / 60i vacuum stackers with the DBM-600 sewing modules and the DBM-600 / T trimmer. Operator intervention is minimal and PC control ensures maximum productivity and precision.

    Technical Data:

    • MAX paper size 350 (W) X 508 (L) mm
    • MIN paper size 105 (W) X 297 (L) mm
    • Sewing capacity 30 sheets
    • Speed: 5.200 books/h


  • Automated Guided...
    AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle, mainly used in the industrial company for handling the logistic without the need of the operator.

    AGV systems have proved to be advantageous for various production aspects, which are:

    - Flexibility of activities
    - Scalable integration within the automatic production process
    - Reduction of handling times
    - Reduction of inventory and space costs
    - Better production control
    - Improved working environment
    - Staff reduction
    - Increase and balance production and its quality
    - Staff reduction


  • Eco Wash System

    Solvent Recycling

    EWS units allows to recycle and re-use the degreasing and washing solvents. Trough a process, they separate the contaminants (resins,polymers, pigments, paints, pils, etc.) from the original solvent. The new solvent is collected in a tank ready for its reuse. The characteristics of the processed solvent are not altered by the process which can be repeated indefinitely.

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    • Telefono: +39 0423 737559

  • Face Mask
    We are pleased to propose you this automated line capable of 7.200 masks per hour !

    This machine for mask production is very versatile and allows to process non-woven rolls with 3 or more layers, single lane. It performs the coupling and the central fold of the 3 nonwoven layers with welding on the 4 edges by means of a rotary ultrasound system and the cut in the length that is set by the operator. The application of the ear tapes / elastics is performed in line by a welding head activated automatically by the operator.

    We are able to provide the know how for the complete production of surgical masks.

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