Pile Turners

Toppy Advance is an electrically powered, self-propelled and totally new conceived pile turner designed to turn and move
pallets of paper or cardboard up to a maximum weight of 1000 kg. Toppy Advance is provided with a push button panel for the control of any single operation. The forks of Toppy Advance are mounted on linear rails. This kind of equipment is useful whenever a pallet of paper or cardboard is to be removed from the printing machine and turned for the second side printing. The turning operation takes place in few seconds and doesn’t involve any danger or inconvenience: the rotation system has been in fact conceived in order to avoid big pressure on the newly printed sheets. Finally, the pile of paper can be brought at the entrance of the printing machine for a new printing cycle. Toppy Advance can turn from a minimum of 50x70 cm to a maximum of 76x106 cm paper size.