Brand new RMGT 920ST-5+SLD installed in Italy

Pubblicato : 2019-10-22
Categorie : WGM

A brand new RMGT 920ST-5 + SLD, 5 printing groups plus varnish, has been successfully installed a couple of weeks ago at Samorani srl, a dynamic printing house based in Forlì (Italy)

The new RMGT 920ST-5 + SLD is prepared for LED-UV printing, equipped with 5 printing units, in-line coaters and all the most modern and sophisticated automatisms to perform start-ups and high-quality printing of the order in a very short time. The print format is 64x92, very competitive against 70x100 format machines compared to which there is a saving of around 35% in the purchase of consumables (plates, blankets, rollers, etc.) and over 50% of the energy costs used.

The automatisms facilitate the production of very high quality jobs with extremely reduced starting times. Thanks to the automatic plate change and the robotized start-up operations, complete start-ups can be performed in just a few minutes.

The efficiency of the machine is guaranteed by a very functional feeder and an output capable of precisely stacking even the most difficult substrates in terms of weight and type of paper.

At the delivery, the spectro-photometric quality control PDS-E Spectro-Drive allows to reach the correct distribution of the ink in a very short time and guarantees constant quality printing from the first to the last sheet.

A large 55 "monitor placed on the control table for real-time display of the route of the sheets via three cameras located along the machine, significantly facilitates the operator's job of checking the machine.

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