RMGT 7 : High technology and great versatility

Pubblicato : 2019-07-15

RMGT 7 has the great merit of combining compactness, reliability and all the functions necessary to keep pace with the evolution of customer requests.

With advanced automatic systems that reduce start-up times and high-speed printing up to 16,000 sheets per hour, these high-performance offset presses improve productivity and optimize the start-up of a large number of different jobs in short runs.

In particular, the 760E series machines, in the 54.5 x 76.5 or 58 x 76.5 (optional) format, from two to six colors, with or without turning, represent the ideal growth tool for small companies with large ambitions. Easy to use and of great productivity, they are equipped with all the automatisms necessary to speed up the start up to the maximum and to make the execution of any type of job competitive. They print on media from 0.04 to 0.6 and are equipped with in-line quality control. They are also interesting because they record low energy consumption and low operating costs, elements that make these machines particularly attractive.

RMGT 790, on the other hand, is completely automatic, prints supports with thicknesses ranging from 0.04 to 0.8 and can be configured from two to 10 colors, with or without turning, with or without a painter and extended output: in the 60 x 78.8 format it is equipped with of the maximum of the technological components found in the market for this format. It is a printing machine able to independently perform, in just a few minutes, all start-up operations and is equipped with in-line quality control. The format, the standard equipment and the optional one make it configurable in an extremely interesting way for the production of heavy and special supports. Optionally available also UV, Eco-UV, Led-UV versions.

World Graphic Machine srl is the only authorized retailer for the Italian market: since 2014 numerous printing houses have entrusted us, with great satisfaction, to choose machines with the challenges they face in the market of the future. Someone have chosen to invest in new and highly technological machines, others have found second-hand good opportunities, such as this Ryobi in excellent condition.

What are you waiting for? Contact us, you can discover for yourself all the benefits of the best Japanese technology.

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