Equipment for Faster Make-Ready Time

Available as options are the Simul Changer and Simul Changer Parallel, two automatic plate-changing systems that can change plates simultaneously on all printing units. The Simul Changer Parallel features a mechanism for independently driving the plate cylinder, enabling blanket cleaning to be carried out in parallel with plate changing, saving approximately 80 seconds in comparison with the Simul Changer.

By optimizing the cleaning cycle, the time required for blanket cleaning is reduced by approximately 20 seconds compared with previous models. Achieving high cleaning performance with shorter cleaning time saves make ready time for diversified small lot printing jobs requiring frequent blanket cleaning.

Automatic job data sorting

This feature automatically sorts jobs and puts them in the optimal order according to the paper, color, due date and other parameters, based on data sent from the printing company’ s main system. This reduces the time required to change the paper stock and perform other tasks between jobs, greatly improving operating efficiency.

Increases press production rates for continuous small-lot printing

The newly developed Smart Assist Printing system enables consecutive printing of multiple jobs fully automatically. In conjunction with the PQS-D system, printing quality inspection, density adjustment, and registration adjustment are performed automatically without sampling printed sheets. The result is highly efficient job changeover for short-run printing.

Shorter make-ready time for changing paper

The preset function at the infeed section is further enhanced to adjust to the paper thickness. The leaf spring position preset function at the register section automatically switches from thin to heavy stock feeding speedily. The heavy stock guide rollers also automatically adjust the height to accommodate heavy stock feeding, shortening make-ready time when changing paper.

RMGT Smart Net

A workflow in which all equipment, systems, and processes required for producing printed materials are connected via network can be set up, providing powerful support for a “smart” printshop. Visualization of printing processes and support for automation and AGV operation significantly reduce the burden on staff and improve print shop efficiency.