TG TISK s.r.o. in Czech Republic bought a semi-new RMGT 920ST-5 during COVID-19

Pubblicato : 2020-05-15
Categorie : WGM

TG TISK s.r.o. was founded in 1994 by Mr. Sloupenský senior. Today is managed by the second generation with Jiří Sloupenský and it's a very reliable family company.

The printing house is located in Lanskroun, 10 000 inhabitans town near Orlicke hory mountains in Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic and with 15 employees, proprierty building near the town center where there are flats for employees and the appartment of the owner is a very important company for the city.

TG TISK is a commercial printer of leaflets, brochures, catalogues, calendars and books. Moving from B2 4 colours Sakurai and 2 colour perfector Polly to A1 RMGT 920ST-5 with all the automation, will help them to be more competitive even in this difficult period.

The deal has been completed with a live inspection of our salesman during COVID-19 lock down. One more deal where trust and professionalism are the key factor for our business.

For us, seeing the nice photos of the future 3rd generation, is more important than the profit itself because it means we are doing a great job, helping people to sell their surplus machines and other company to renovate their production to be more competitive.

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