New VLF installation in Italy. TIPOGRAFIA CAVA is powered by KBA Ra 162

Published: 2021-05-01 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS , WGM

TIPOGRAFIA CAVA joins the WGM family! The installation of a beautiful and hard to find KBA RAPIDA 162-6+L already sees them as leaders in the paper industry in Imola.

The history of TIPOGRAFIA CAVA has distant roots, around the end of the nineteenth century where the printing techniques were completely different. There were movable type and texts were composed letter by letter.

But it is a few years ago, in 2018 when the Baroncini family joined the company, that the printing house made a qualitative leap. With sacrifice and waste of resources, the focus was on renewing the large-format machine park, giving the mandate to WGM to exclusively find a 6-color 1120x1620mm machine equipped with a varnish unit and IR / HA / UV dryers.

Our enthusiasm allowed the realization of this installation supported by our Service, thanks to the contribution of Filippo Ragnolini (WGM technician) who immediately joined the collaboration with the other representatives of the companies involved in the project.