Brand new RMGT 970PF-5 replace one Man-Roland 704 3B-P in Italy

Published: 2022-07-30 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

Cappelli Arti Grafiche S.r.l. has an history of centuries. In fact, it was born in 1850 and after having handed down the know-how from generation to generation, even the machinery fleet follows the technological evolution, while maintaining the family management as the fulcrum of the company.
In 2017, the 7th handover took place with Marco and Matteo Cappelli at the helm of the company, increasingly integrated into the processes and processes in order to have everything under control, reducing time and costs.

This is why today they have chosen to replace a used offset printing machine Man-Roland 704 3B-P (available for sale at our warehouse) with a brand new RMGT 970PF-5, size 650x965 mm at 5-color with automatic 1/4 perfecting device and 3rd generation LED technology.

In the approximately 2,000 square meters of covered area of ​​the plant, the new RMGT sheet-fed machine is giving great satisfaction. Quick and precise start-ups, fast printing and flexibility in jobs in addition to significantly lower production costs compared to the previous machine.

We thank the Cappelli family and our local agent, Giovanni Cappelli (the surname is famous in the area) for their trust in the WGM-RMGT and we congratulate you on the qualitative leap from a traditionally designed German offset machine to a brand new Japanese machine. Much leaner, faster, more flexible, cheaper and more durable over time.