HEIDELBERG Stahlfolder TA 52


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Data sheet

ModelStahlfolder TA 52
Age c.2006
Serial NumberFR.FAAO-00313
Max Size mm520x850

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Fully Automatic Pile Feed Paper Folder with 8 Page Unit, Mobile Delivery Touch Screen and Sound Covers

Paper Folder Description
The Stahlfolder TA 52 is the folding machine that lets small and medium-sized print shops bring finishing in-house.
Its high degree of automation and extremely simple operation make it the perfect fit for your business.
It lets you shorten your delivery times while adding more value.

Paper Folder Specifications
Max Sheet Size: 520x850 mm
Min Sheet Size: 100x120 mm
Max Speed: 721.78 ft / min
Min Speed: 82.02 ft / min
Max Cycling Rate: 40,000 cycles / hour
Max Pile Height: 25.59" (65 cm)