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Data sheet

Model80 PLUS
Age c.2021
Serial Number90N1204
Max Size mm800

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The machine is operated via an ergonomically arranged 18.5“ touch-sensitive display. Repeat sequences can be saved and adapted at any time. To do so, the system has 1,998 memory positions available. Due to digital workflow integration Compucut® takes the cutting data supplied as ppf or jdf files direct from the prepress stage. Compucut® generates the cutting program automatically. In order to start the cutting program automatically, the machine is furnished with a bar-code reader. This allows setup times to be reduced to almost zero. The process visualization gives the operator a graphic indication of the material handling. This minimizes the proneness to errors considerably.

- Low-profile keyboard with easy-to-understand symbols
- Menu-driven knife change
- Programming during cutting
- Block programming available
- Format tables
- 198 program memory locations
- Program information with plain text
- Cutting cycle shown with symbols
- Programmable jogging mark
- Clamping time before cutting
- Clamping without cutting
- Programmable ejector
- Protect program
- Lubrication interval signal
- Prepress data is taken as a basis for generating cutting programs (P-Net Service Compucut®)
- A bar-code reader facilitates easy loading of cutting programs
- Process visualization for a graphic indication of material handling reduces the proneness to errors
- Production report for acquiring the machine performance data
- 1,998 Program memory positions
- Progress control
- Copy program