Exceptional productivity opens the door to new possibilities for commercial printing

The key factor for achieving the high productivity required for a variety of small-lot commercial printing jobs such as catalogs, leaflets, fliers and posters, is shorter make-ready time. The RMGT 10 series shortens blanket cleaning time, simultaneously performs blanket cleaning in parallel with plate changing, and meets the need for automated operation, significantly boosting operation rates for short-run commercial printing.

Dramatically improved productivity for high value-added package printing

Improved feeder and delivery functions greatly increase package printing productivity. The shortened blanket cleaning time and a new coating unit for faster varnish setup markedly reduce make-ready time, greatly increasing productivity for high value-added package printing.

Uncompromising pursuit of printing quality

Various systems serve essential roles geared to quality control. Included here are a proven air management system that contributes to highly stable sheet transfer and a multitude of highly reliable mechanisms developed by combining technologies accumulated over many years. Our uncompromising pursuit of printing quality is intended to meet diversified printing demands.

High-level printing quality controls

The best software is required for intelligently improving press stability. Included here is our expert software – a program for automating color adjustment at job changes and for maintaining stable and high printing quality – and our digitally controlled color control system.

Operator-friendly performance

For easy control of increasingly advanced and complex presses, the latest operation interface has been equipped to support print professionals. The GUI has also been revamped for greater usability. Such operator-friendly performance ensures easier press operation. The feeder and delivery sections have also been redesigned for easier operation.

Earth and human conscious

The proven LED-UV curing system provides significant energy-savings and extended service life while maximizing high productivity. Various devices are equipped to reduce sheet waste and pursue greater efficiency. And press safety systems have been designed specifically with protection of operators and machines in mind. RMGT's technologies further embody an earth and human conscious environment.

RMGT Smart Net

A workflow in which all equipment, systems, and processes required for producing printed materials are connected via network can be set up, providing powerful support for a “smart” printshop. Visualization of printing processes and support for automation and AGV operation significantly reduce the burden on staff and improve print shop efficiency.