The 1st RMGT 970PF-8 in Europe is printing in Italy !

Pubblicato : 2022-04-01
Categorie : WGM

Bruni Printing House was founded by Mr. Renato Bruni in 1969 and has been located in Pomezia since 1987. It is currently managed by their children Paola and Simone who over the years have increasingly specialized in printing material for the pharmaceutical industry, for communication and prestigious publishing, employing about fifteen collaborators.

The decision to purchase the new RMGT 970PF-8 printing machine was conveyed by the confidence acquired over the years by the Mitsubishi brand, which today has merged into the RMGT. The company also prints 4 colors plus varnish on a Mitsubishi Diamond series. Of fundamental importance was the possibility of being able to access the latest generation technology on a 65x96.5 paper size, on which today most of the job of a 70x100 are printed. This allows a strong reduction in management costs, electricity consumption, plates and various consumables. Another reason for the choice is given by the desire to bring back the job that has been digitally printed to date in the offset, thanks to the advantageous cost of copying and the speed of start-ups of the new RMGT.

First impressions were very positive. The machine is very functional and easy to use, equipped with a simultaneous plate changer, cameras for controlling and adjusting the printouts, latest generation LED UV dryers that guarantee high quality results (new technology for the company that previously only printed in conventional) .

The company's goal is to become increasingly competitive in a conditioned market, especially in small print runs, by the advent of new technologies and digital printing.

ECO friendly machines: low emissions for the operator with an energy consumption of only 58 KW - an absolute record for an 8-color offset press -

We thanks the excellent work done by our salesman Mr. Paolo Asperti who, in collaboration with Mr. Cambi, allowed the sale of the 1st European machine equipped with this technology; We are sure he will be a "trailblazer" for other printers as well. Note of merit to Mr. Bruni Simone for having believed in this ambitious project and now extremely satisfied with the new machine !

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