Printing is Art... from Aurelia to Mitsubishi

Published: 2023-07-04 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

In 1952, the typographic business of Athos Tosi, founder of the homonymous typography, began. These were intense years of economic and physical efforts to achieve ever better results.

Today 17 offset printing units and 8 UV flexo units are the heart of the company, with the pre-press and finishing departments.

Tosi prints today with a Mitsubishi V3000LX-5+C equipped with a fully automatic and simultaneous plate change; Essential technology to speed up print starts.

After careful analysis of the machines on the market and with two Roland 706+Varnish currently present in the lithography, the decision to buy a Mitsubishi was weighed after long technical reflection.

We thank the Tosi family for their kindness and precious collaboration during the installation of the printing machine.

We are always proud to fulfill customer expectations.