Series 10, the flagship of the RMGT house

Pubblicato : 2019-07-15

Undoubtedly the pride of the RYOBI-MHI, these machines with low environmental impact thanks to special functions make it possible to drastically reduce waste sheets with consequent savings in ink and electricity. The special material with which the cover casings are produced protects against the emission of electromagnetic waves, not to mention the excellent sound-absorbing capacity that makes the entire work environment healthier for operators.

In addition to these undoubted advantages, even from the point of view of processing, they are extremely versatile machines that offer the possibility of easily carrying out machining operations both in the publishing / commercial sector and in the paper converting sector. The range of printable thicknesses is really wide, from 0.04 to 1 mm.

Thanks to a set of solutions designed by Mitsubishi, the start-up and production times of the RMGT 1050 are second to none:

- "Simulchanger" completely automatic and simultaneous plate change system (change of all plates in 75 seconds)

- Automatic washing of pressure cylinders, grinding and blankets

- "Wizard" function to perform completely automated start-ups, therefore without any operator intervention, in a few minutes and without dead time and unnecessary machine downtime.

- The set of functions of the "Diamond Power" allows drastic cuts in maintenance and adjustment times of the machine, such as automatic lubrication functions, automatic positioning of the machine for greasing at the points where it is required, automatic execution of the beats of the wetting and inking rollers (with visual feedback printed on the sheets) and subsequent automatic positioning of the machine in the points for possible adjustments.

RMGT 1050 can be supplied with a large number of configurations both in line and in white and with the possibility of producing printed works on both sides of the sheet without converting them.

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