AL QALAM Printing and Packaging co. In Palestine powered by WGM

Published: 2023-09-04 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

In the used printing machinery business, negotiations duration can be from several months to… a phone call, as in the case of this beautiful story.

When Mr. Masri contacted our export sales director Mr. Alberto Rui, he was immediately convinced to buy a ticket to come and see our warehouse accompanied by almost all his family. This was an opportunity to get to know people before companies, to talk about the economy and human relations in the two countries.

At the end of the meeting, a nice photo is the result of the purchase of a beautiful HEIDELBERG SM 74-4PH entirely cleaned and checked by our technicians.

Thanks to our international network, the machine has been shipped and installed near Jerusalem in Palestine. This printing house is specialised in pharmaceutical packaging and is partnered with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies called Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank the Masri family again for all the emotions around the deal !