IMPRIMENDA: The technological breakthrough with MITSUBISHI V3000

Published: 2022-11-15 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

IMPRIMENDA is a well-established company based in Padua Italy.

Founded in the early 90s by Franco Zago and Filippo Zella, over the years the Company has been enriched with new objectives, not only technological but also cultural, seeking a more specific, higher quality market such as niche publishing and of catalogs in general.

Respectful and attentive to the needs of the constantly evolving market, IMPRIMENDA today invests in another segment of great interest, packaging, an area where the new printing solution can create new opportunities.

The inclusion of the Mitsubishi V3000LS-5 TC+ED which replaces the old technology which has become obsolete, guarantees those fundamental characteristics which are now indispensable for the graphics company of the future, namely: first of all print quality and productivity at the top of the sector; a print format cm. 75x105 indispensable for the book market and above all for the production of packaging. This is followed by the high-performance in-line coating unit to protect and ennoble the printing jobs.

Last but not least, a futuristic start-up technology, aimed at full interaction between "man and machine", totally inserted in the company workflow to guarantee complete control of all production phases, with automatic and simultaneous plate change and many other accessories.

Our company is proud to be the official supplier of this prestigious company. The used offset printing machine immediately went into production with full customer satisfaction both in timing and in the high quality of the print.