Brand new RMGT 970PF-8 LED-UV installed in Italy

Published: 2022-08-01 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

"There are many things that can be done with paper ... ... we like to think we can do them all." This is the slogan of Grafiche Baroncini, a dynamic company from Imola that has been working since 1978 to transform customer ideas into solutions.

Producing any type of printed matter, from flyer to leaflet to company catalog, art books, brochures, volumes and so on, they needed a fast and efficient machine that could transform blank sheets into jobs in a single step.

The choice of the brand new RMGT 970PF-8 equipped with simultaneous plate change SMART-FPC, LED-UV system etc...  was motivated both by the trust in the RMGT brand (born from the union of Mitsubishi and Ryobi) and in the WGM, now supplier of 3rd machine in a few years.

This brand new 8-color RMGT in line or 4/4 perfecting, is capable of printing sheets of maximum size 965 mm and 0.6 mm thick at an average speed of 12,000 copies / h.

Thanks to the advice of our expert local agent Mr. Piero Ramponi, the equipment of the machine is of a high standard. In addition to the GEW LED-UV dryers of which we are distributors, the machine is equipped with the PDS-E color control and the Press Information Display visual control system. The configuration has been studied ad-hoc to allow the lowest production costs in the category. Suffice it to say that in production the consumption is only 58 Kw, half of the machines of competing brands.

A special thanks, in addition to the Baroncini family, also goes to our team of engineers who have completed another important project.