Brand new RMGT 1050ST-5 sold in Italy

Published: 2022-08-02 - Categories: INSTALLATIONS

Filograf is a printing company that has provided a complete service to its customers since 1954 when Arturo Cupici decided to set up his own business. The company was later transformed into an industry by his son Roberto and is followed today by his grandchildren Sergio and Roberta who have decided to invest in technology to modernize the production department.

We have therefore successfully installed a brand new 5-color, 70x100 size offset printing machine RMGT 1050ST-5 that replaces a 70x100 4-color Komori.

Being specialized in commercial and fiscal printed matter, such as self-adhesive labels, brochures, catalogs, books, calendars, posters and magazines but also sample folders and displays, a simple machine was needed for the operator, quick in job changes to be competitive both in the high and in short runs and capable of printing high quality.

The leap forward compared to Japanese competitors was confirmed by the operatore after a few days of use. Thanks to the trivalent dampening from Mitsubishi and the new intelligent inking software, the desired print quality is achieved immediately.

This RMGT 10 printing machine requires only 50 Kw of electricity in full production !!