Mohr Cutters are tailored to the specific demands in digital printing

Mohr Cutters are durable, programmable cutting machines with hydraulic drive. Quick-print shops, copy shops, commercial print shops, in-house printers value not only the uncomplicated operation, but also the long service life of the cutting machine. The unique cutting precision is obtained by the sturdy construction and the direct measurement.

The precise and gentle bevel swing cut is carried out hydraulically on all of our models. This allows adjusting the dwell time of the knife in the BDC to the respective material. The corrosion free table surface provides very easy gliding which makes the material easy to handle. On Mohr Cutter 80, this effect is even supported by air jets.

The clamping pressure can be continuously adjusted within a large range by means of a turning knob with scale to suit
any material to be cut. A variable pre-clamping time control optimizes cutting quality when dealing with different materials. Luminous LEDs indicate the cutting line to the operator.