Very nice KBA Ra 105-5+L from Sardegna to Bulgaria

Pubblicato : 2021-01-01
Categorie : WGM

A negotiation that began in early December and ended at the turn of the last day of the year that we will all remember as the most terrible of the last 80 years due to COVID-19.

Unable to come to Sardinia to see this beautiful KBA Ra 105-5+L for obvious reasons, Mr. Vasilev from Bulgaria did not miss this opportunity to buy it.

It was not difficult to convince him to trust us because even though he didn't know WGM, he saw that our company is a founding member of the IGFA-International Graphic Fairtrade Association (, which brings together the dealers of used offset printing machines in the world that commit themselves to prove a high standard of professional ethic and reliability.

An official CMYK+P KBA test print was carried out and after receiving our report the customer immediately decided to sign the contract. The machine was then loaded into 3 trucks and shipped from Sardinia to Bulgaria in a few days.

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