RMGT series 9, the biggest success of RMGT

Pubblicato : 2019-07-15

It can be said that the 920 series is the biggest sales success for RMGT (Ryobi Mitsubishi Graphic Technology), a company born from the merger between the graphic divisions of the two major Japanese multinationals Ryobi and Mitsubishi.

Many printing houses all over the world have chosen these machines to face the challenges that the future of the market poses for them and they have been right: the members of this series in fact stand out for many reasons: they are completely automated, autonomous and quick to start thanks to "Smart Make Ready" system that in a few minutes makes the machine ready; moreover they have a remarkable speed of printing and automatic plate change, with simultaneous choice.

Their configuration is extremely wide, from 2 to 10 colors, with or without perfecting, with or without varnish unit; it is obviously possible to choose UV, ECO-UV and LED-UV drying, an innovative system presented by Ryobi and Mitsubishi at Drupa 2008. These important features make them versatile and competitive machines, suitable to be used both for long-run jobs and for short-run jobs.

The 64x92 format brings many advantages: it allows you to tackle practically all print jobs generally dealt with the 70x100 format but with the reduction of about 35% of the consumables (plates, rubber, rollers, ...) and 40% of energy costs , considerable savings especially when applied to limited-edition jobs.

RMGT 920 have been designed to last with efficiency over time thanks to an advanced remote assistance system with instant verification of conditions and productivity, which allows continuous monitoring and therefore optimization of work and a significant reduction in service costs and stops machine.

World Graphic Machine srl is the only authorized dealer for the Italian market: since 2014, many printers have relied on us, with great satisfaction, to choose their new printing press. On the other hand the numbers speak for themselves: 6 new machines sold in Italy in the last 3 years is undoubtedly synonymous with an appreciation of the machine and a choice made after a careful cost / benefit analysis.

At this moment, we are able to offer you two fantastic used RYOBI 920:

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