RMGT 920PF-8 installed to RDM group

Pubblicato : 2019-11-05
Categorie : WGM

The RDM GROUP is a leader in large-format digital printing company but is also investing in OFFSET PRINTING as evidenced by the purchase of our 6th machine in a few years.

Strengthened by the continuous renewal of the know-how to advise its customers the most suitable material for every need in terms of quality / duration / cost ratio, the quotes of this company prove to be competitive as well as quick and easy to consult in order to facilitate the customers in the decision to make buying their products.

Just to consider that the draft of the total expenditure is sent within 6 hours of the request while Premium customers can also access an online ordering and billing section.

Starting from these bases, the printing machine had to be up to par. The choice of the RMGT 920PF-8 was in fact dictated by the need to have a fast offset press in start-ups and high profitability.

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