DRUCKEREI LOCHNER renews the production plant with a semi-new RYOBI 925

Pubblicato : 2019-12-12
Categorie : WGM

Druckerei Lochner is a family company managed by Mr. Lochner, operating in the press room to ensure its customers first-class service. The printing house is located in the heart of Bavaria, in a small village near Regensburg, a UNESCO heritage site, where the Regen river meets the Danube. The city is home to important production facilities (BMW, Siemens, AEG, Toshiba).

To increase the productivity of his company, Mr. Lochner decided to replace a RYOBI 754P format B2 (600x788 mm) with a B1 format machine. However, the rooms where the machine had to be installed did not allow the installation of a 70x100 offset 5-color machine.

Our company has therefore proposed to install a used RYOBI 925, size 640x920 mm which has similar dimensions to a smaller machine, so as to fit perfectly into the press room. Analyzing the kind of printing jobs by Druckerei Lochner, it was noted that the 70x100 format was not necessary. Thanks to the RYOBI 925, Mr. Lochner will be able to print all his jobs with a 35% saving on the costs of plates, blankets, consumables and electricity compared to a B1 format machine but with a printing area clearly superior to a B2 format machine.

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