22 job changes from 4.000 sheets in 12 hours !!

Pubblicato : 2018-10-15
Categorie : WGM

The company was founded in 1987 by an intuition by Sergio Protti: to create a graphic company for the realization of small technical documentation, manuals for use and maintenance, etc.

Mr. Sergio was immediately assisted by his son Quinto, then twenty years old, at the helm of the company. The start-up took place with small format offset machines, in 1999 the entry into production of the first digital press. Quinto Protti had perceived that this was the path to follow, offset printing and digital printing would be both technologies at the service of companies.

"Thanks to the new RMGT 920PF-8 we are able to produce a job order in 12 hours with 22 complete starts of 4,000 copies each," says Quinto Protti.

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