• Lithec

    Control systems with in-line densitometric reading

    The use of Inline LithoFlash® systems in a sustainable manner the productivity of existing or new generation machines. With a modest initial investment it is repaid in a very short time, this is the type of operating system that saves time for the interventions and the maintenance of print quality during the production cycle.

    Real Benefits

    • Short make-ready
    • Significant reduction of waste during start-up
    • Increased consistency of print quality over time
    • Simplifications of operations by the operator

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    • Telephone: 0423 737559
    Our company is the exclusive distributor for Italy on RMGT, RYOBI and MITSUBISHI


  • X-RITE

    Ultra-Fast Automated Press-Side Color Control

    Shorter runs. Faster turn times. Accurate, consistent color. In order to remain competitive, printers and packaging converters must address these market trends. Reducing make-ready time and waste, and minimizing errors and rework, are critical to profitability. Managing color by eye and/or depending on ink density measurements will not deliver against these requirements. By introducing next-generation color measurement instruments into the press-side quality control process, printers and packaging converters can assure optimum color quality, fast make-ready and reduced waste.

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    • Telefono: +39 0423 737559


    • Reduced make-ready time and waste. IntelliTrax2 reports results on screen instantly so press operators can quickly make adjustments, even before color drift is visible to the human eye.
    • Full Range of Color Measurements. In less than 10 seconds, IntelliTrax2 measures process colors, spot colors, PANTONE® colors, paper color, tone value increase, gray balance and ink density.
    • Non-Contact Instrument. No need to worry about smudging or scratching the image during the measurement process.
    • Support for industry standards. IntelliTrax2 software supports the majority of global graphic arts standards, including M1 to accommodate optical brighteners, M3 for measuring wet ink and full support for GRACoL, SWOP 2013, PSO, and FOGRA 51 and 52.
    • End-to-End Color Workflow. IntelliTrax2 can directly access the PantoneLIVE database for accurate spectral target values for corporate and other spot colors and can exchange job data with ColorCert: X-Rite Edition for statistical process control.

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