RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT) was launched in January 2014 through the merger of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.


    RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. (RMGT) was launched in January 2014 through the merger of Ryobi Limited and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.


    Fully Automatic ​Simultaneous Plate Changing Technology

    Plate changing is a key factor in determining makeready time. The SMART RPC Fully Automatic Plate Changer greatly shortens plate changing time and reduces operator workload. Through simple touch panel operation, plate changing is automatically performed on all units simultaneously. This provides powerful support for frequent job changeovers and diverse small-lot printing.


    INSTA.COLOR—which stands for Integrated Smart Technology and Automation for Color Print—represents the latest evolution of more than a decade of RMGT's Smart inking technology, color control and makeready automation. INSTA.COLOR makes color control highly efficient, intuitive and productive—coming up to sellable color in as few as 25 sheets and driving makereadies to six minutes.

    RMGT's PDS-E SpectroDrive scanners with closed-loop print density monitoring technology assure precise PMS colors from start to finish. Production is alcohol-free.
    INSTA.COLOR enables on-press color adjustments as needed. Customer press checks can be nailed down to the exact density that clients expect—without the restrictions other color management technologies put on pressroom control. Color on gang-run jobs can be adjusted in various zones on the sheet for assured customer OK.

    We can supply RGMT press upgrade for on-site retrofitting with various devices, software, etc., to upgrade the features and performance of your RYOBI or RMGT like the new RMGT models !
    There are also available other upgrades that are not showed here. For further information, please contact our RMGT Service Team.

    With thousands of RMGT, RYOBI and MITSUBISHI machines all over the world, RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology Ltd. is one of the world leaders in the printing industry. Customers appreciate Japanese reliability and quality combined with the flexible service of the distributors around the world. If you want to touch a machine in production by hand, contact us and we will be happy to organize a visit to one of the happy users.

    The RDM GROUP is a leader in large-format digital printing company but is also investing in OFFSET PRINTING as evidenced by the purchase of our 6th machine in a few years.
    The choice of the RMGT 920PF-8 was in fact dictated by the need to have a fast offset press in start-ups and high profitability.

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    Tipoesse is a printing house in the heart of hard-working Romagna, located in Savio di Ravenna, has been active for almost 50 and it's specialized in PVC labels.
    They have chosen these machines as they are extremely competitive in the production of products printed on special supports.

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    Samorani, founded 30 years ago, has 50 employees in a 5,000 m2 site. They offer a wide range of printed products, from the commercial to the complex box for high quality packaging, labels of all kinds, small and large format digital printouts.
    The choice of the RMGT 920ST-5 + SLD prepared for LED-UV printing was made in order to be able to start up and print the various orders in a very short time

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    In a city called Bucine, in the province of Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, La Zecca printing house has been operating for 35 years for local and export customers.
    After careful analysis, the owners Daniele, Enzo and Mauro opted for a brand new RMGT 1050ST-4

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    Centro Stampa Digitalprint, has 30 employees and around 200 orders produced per day. Based in Rimini, it has been active for over 30 years as a manufacturer of printed matter in the advertising.
    The new RMGT 920PF-8 with LED-UV technology, 64x92 cm size with eight colors, fully automated is capable of producing at high speed and above all capable of performing complete starting ups in a few minutes and in total autonomy.

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    Kraler Druck is based in Varna, not far from Bressanone in the province of Bolzano, managed by Kraler family, printing on paper with great passion.
    The choice of the new RMGT 920ST-4 in 64x92 format was made to carry out complete startings up in a few minutes and in total autonomy. These characteristics make it extremely competitive both for long-run jobs and, above all, for very short runs.

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    The Druckerei Kyburz AG printer from Dielsdorf in Switzerland offers a wide range of printed matter with both digital and offset and LED-UV machines.
    A few years ago they bought a RMGT 920PF-9 LED-UV, 9 colors with perfecting capable of doubling their production capacity. The machine is used on 2 or 3 shifts by printing commercial products, brochures, flyers and the 9th printing unit is used for finishing allowing perforation or painting in one step.

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